About Ravi Udeshi

Hi! My name is Ravi and this is my little corner of the web. I’m interested in the intersection of technology, media, and law, so you’ll probably see lots of posts about that here.


I write every post on this site in Markdown,1 a simple markup language. I usually jot down ideas in nvALT, a plain-text notes app, and then flesh them out in Sublime Text with the Markdown Editing package.

This site is powered by Jekyll, a static site generator (I really like it!). I used to use WordPress, but it’s overkill for what I need here. GitHub Pages natively integrates Jekyll, so I use it to host this site.


Privacy is deeply important to me. I know this is just a dinky little personal blog, but I still want to disclose the third-party services I use that may be able track you:

  • Site analytics: I use Google Analytics for basic site analytics (how many people visit the site, which blog posts get the most views, etc). If you’d prefer not to be tracked, please use a browser extension like Ghostery to disable tracking (I do!).
  • RSS metrics: I use FeedBurner to know how many people are subscribed to the RSS feed and for the subscribe-by-email feature. I’ve been using the service since before Google bought it (in ‘07!), but I’d be happy to switch away if any alternatives actually existed.
  • Embedded media: Some blog posts include embedded tweets, YouTube videos, and other basic media. The way embeds work is by loading some JavaScript from their host site, so they may be able to track you (especially if you’re logged in to YouTube or Twitter).
  • Web fonts: I’m experimenting with different fonts on this site, so you may see scripts load from TypeKit, Typography.com, or Google Fonts.
  • Affiliate links: Every once in a while, I remember I signed up for Amazon’s affiliate program. And then I remember Amazon disabled my affiliate account for inactivity.
  • Ads: There are no text ads or display ads on this site. (Though embedded YouTube videos sometimes have ads, which is why you may see DoubleClick Media show up in Ghostery).
  • Share buttons: I have simple links to share to Facebook/Twitter, but I do NOT use their native buttons, which “call home” and let them see what sites you visit across the web. Facebook can’t track you here, woo!

I’ve tried to keep this site simple and fast, and avoiding lots of 3rd-party services just makes that easier.


Need to get in touch? Go here.

  1. If you want to see the original Markdown for any post, just click on the M↓ link below any post title! ↩︎